A dog with no name

FREDERIC - The person who dropped off a dog at Pilgrim Lutheran Church recently left everything but a name.
There was a leash, collar, dish of food, dish of water and a blanket. The young dog - approximately two years old - was tied to the back door of the church.
Church members Rae Lynn and Don Johnson adopted the dog and noticed right away it was a dog who had been trained, one who sits and shakes hands on command, is housebroken and overall well-behaved.
But it's difficult to get him to pay attention to commands because he isn't hearing his name.
"I'm sure he'll get used to a new name," Rae Lynn said. "But it would sure be nice if we knew his name."
She's hoping the person who dropped off the dog will read this and contact the church at 715-327-8012 and just say the name.
"You don't need to say who you are - just leave the name of the dog," she said.

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