A knife to the neck brings felony charges

Greg Marsten | Staff writer
Ashley Lowe
Missing phone cords leads to knife threats
BALSAM LAKE – A 35-year-old rural Luck woman is facing a variety of criminal charges, including two felonies, after she allegedly threatened a man by placing a steak knife to his neck, leaving a mark.
The man had allegedly not returned several phone cords from her van after he had borrowed it.
According to the probable cause report filed by the Polk County Sheriff’s Department, the incident occurred on the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 7, north of Luck, when Ashley Lowe, 35, Luck, allegedly held a steak knife to the throat of the man she accused of not returning the charging cords.
Lowe allegedly had sent a text to the parties in question, stating she “Want(ed) the charging plug-in and that radio cord now!”
She then said she was on her way to get the items, and when she arrived, she sat outside honking the horn on her van for what was supposedly five minutes, before she approached the home and began yelling loudly, and was told she was under court orders not to have contact with the person in question.
That was when Lowe allegedly broke into the home by knocking down the front door, and in spite of repeated warnings that she was in violation of court orders, that she found the man she was referencing and pulled an 8- to 9-inch steak knife out of her sleeve and held the knife to the man’s neck, firmly enough to leave a small mark.
Lowe accused the man of stealing the cords from the van, and while the man was able to grab her hand that was holding the knife and push it away, they were able to find a different cord to appease Lowe, who then left in her van.
In the police narrative, the man said that he feared for his life if he had not been able to get her to move the knife away, stating that he felt he would have been stabbed or cut without the action.
Police were able to find Lowe a short time later, and she denied entering the home but admitted to driving to the home, honking the van horn and waiting outside as people left and entered the home.
Lowe was placed under arrest and later charged with a variety of criminal charges, including felony second-degree reckless endangering, with two modifiers for it being a dangerous weapon and as a repeater for a previous felony conviction.
She was also charged with felony bail jumping, as a repeater, as well as several misdemeanors, including criminal damage to property and two other bail jumping charges, all as a repeater.
Lowe appeared in court on Jan. 9, where Judge Daniel Tolan set a $750 cash bond and strict “no contact” orders for the victims. Her next court appearance is slated for Friday, Jan. 17, for a preliminary hearing, where the judge will decide if there is enough evidence to bind her over for trial.

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