Top 10 Companies That Hold The Most Bitcoin In The World

Growing interest amongst institutional investors in favor of cryptos has led to some of
the biggest known public companies having huge Bitcoin portfolios. According to
reports, as of June 2021, almost 34 public companies held 213,000 Bitcoins together.
This represents almost 1.14% of the world’s total Bitcoin supply and is equivalent to
about $7.4 billion.

Top 10 companies holding the most Bitcoins in the world today:

  1. MicroStrategy: Led by Michael Saylor, this IT services group sold a part of its
    company to purchase 5050 Bitcoins to build a total stash of $5.1 billion worth
    of BTC. Last year, MicroStrategy’s revenues of half-a-billion were
    overshadowed by its asset growth of $2 billion worth of Bitcoins.
  2. Tesla: This electric car maker company had begun investing in Bitcoin in early
  3. The endorsement of this crypto by none other than Elon Musk had sent
    the market into a tizzy with Bitcoin prices skyrocketing and touching an all-
    time record high.
  4. Galaxy Digital Holdings: This is probably the biggest institutional holder of the
    Bitcoin that is directly connected to the crypto industry. Galaxy Digital
    Holdings has 16,400BTC worth more than $522 million. Created in 2018 by
    Novogratz, this has partnered with BlockFi and Block. one. He saw that
    financial stimulus measures to alleviate the effects of the pandemic were
    slowly driving up the interest in favor of cryptos.
  5. Voyager Digital (VYGVF): This crypto brokerage firm holds almost 12,260 BTC,
    according to reports by This company is like a one-stop
    shop for digital asset trading and found the exponential adoption of cryptos as
    an investable asset class.
  6. Square (SQ): Founder/CEO of Square, Jack Dorsey, has been always a Bitcoin
    bull, and earlier this year; his company published a whitepaper justifying why
    the Bitcoin is needed for a future in clean energy. The firm owns 8027 Bitcoins
    valued at approximately $386 million and has announced its intention to keep
    adding Bitcoins to its portfolio.
  7. Marathon Digital Holdings: This US-based Bitcoin mining firm has upped its
    Bitcoin holdings to almost 5784 Bitcoins worth $184 million according to current
    prices. This company seeks to build the biggest North American Bitcoin mining
    operation at low energy costs. It aims to own more than 103,000 Bitcoin miners
    that will generate about 50-60 Bitcoins every day.
  8. Coinbase Global, Inc.: This is one of the best-known cryptoexchanges and went
    public in April 2021. This has been seen as a landmark development for the
    crypto world. Before its listing in February of this year, the company declared
    that it has $230 million Bitcoins.
  9. Bitcoin Group SE: This is a Germany-based capital company that holds 3947
    Bitcoins worth almost $126 million. Amongst others, its investments include the
    Futurum Bank and the crypto exchange. The German Parliament has
    also passed bills allowing their banks to hold and sell cryptos.
  10. Hut 8 Mining Corp: This Canada-based crypto mining company owns 3522 BTC
    worth almost $112 million. This company got listed on the NASDAQ in June of
    this year. It seeks to increase its shareholder value by increasing its Bitcoin
  1. Riot Blockchain, Inc.: This is US-based blockchain firm with holdings of 2243
    BTC that is worth $71 million. With its values growing from below $200 million
    in 2020 to $6 million and more this year, it looks like it is purchasing BTC