Biden wins presidential primary vote

Gary King | Editor
STATEWIDE - With 92% of the statewide vote tallied, former Vice President Joe Biden had 535,948 votes, or 63.5% of the vote, compared to Bernie Sanders' 263,044 or 31%.
President Donald Trump was uncontested for the Republican primary election. He received 595,503 votes.
Biden and Sanders were followed by Elizabeth Warren with 12,211, Michael Bloomberg with 8,468, Amy Klobuchar with 5,625, Tulsi Gabbard with 5,205, Pete Buttigieg with 4,557, Andrew Yang with 3, 133, Tom Steyer with 803, John Delaney with 513, Michael Bennet with 469 and Deval Patrick with 299.
In Polk County, Biden received 3,460 votes to Sanders' 1,154, followed by Klobuchar with 128 and Warren with 49. In the Republican primary vote, Trump was unopposed, receiving 5,990.
In Burnett County, Biden received 1,293, to Sanders' 367, followed by Klobuchar with 51 and Warren with 22. In the Republican vote, Trump received 2,338.
In Washburn County, Biden received 1,622, to Sanders' 494, followed by Kobuchar with 49 and Warren with 22. Trump received 2,540.
According to Wisconsin Public Radio, Biden posted a video to Twitter thanking Wisconsinites for turning out to support him amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
"But as grateful as I am for your support and as proud as I am of the commitment and courage shown by so many in Wisconsin, it should never have come to that. No one should ever have to choose between their health and our Democracy," Biden said.
Four years ago, state primary voters were more favorable to Sanders. In that election, he received just more than 580,192 Democratic votes or just more than 56% of the total. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got 433,739 votes or 43%.

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