Danielle Danford | Dear Dani D.

Sometimes life can feel like a slap in the face. There are times in my life where I’ve been taken completely by surprise by the actions of others or the, seemingly, random bad luck event that occurs with impeccably terrible timing.
In the recent past my husband and his brother did some maintenance on my car, only to find that the nut for the transmission oil pan sheared off while still inside my vehicle. It’s surprising when life can be completely altered by a simple broken nut. How life can become so changed by a singular event.
However, had we remembered the events that occurred the last time we changed the transmission oil we would have had new parts on hand, prepared for the inevitable. This is something I believe is easy to overlook in life. How some events feel like they are random bits of bad luck, but upon reflection I’ve found that my own actions or choices led me to that very situation.
I made some positive choices at the start of the new year. I decided my word for 2020 is “Practice.” Choosing a word for the year is something I picked up from an online community of planners and journalers. Choosing a word for the year is as simple as identifying with a word and how it can positively influence your life for the next year.
I find I “live my best life” when I live with intention and focus, while still giving myself room for learning.
This is why I chose the word “practice” for 2020. Perhaps you’d consider adopting a word for the year? If so, I’m curious to know what your word is. Feel free to write to me about it at [email protected]

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