Darrel Hansen | Negative talk of Democrats unnecessary

I thought maybe your editorial “stay in your vehicle” was an April Fools’ joke since it was published the first of April. You ridiculed the Democrats for disenfranchising voters and having a goofy caucus system and manipulative election process. 
Negative talk about the Democrats wasn’t necessary since I hope the essence of the article was to make voting easier. I think Democrats would like to make it easier for everyone to vote in this country, just ask black voters in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, etc.
You also printed a Joe Heller cartoon March 11, 2020, which stated: “All I’ve got left is vanilla and vanilla.” This hypocritical cartoon is another joke. President Obama, a black man, served eight years in the White House. According to The Conversation journal, the 116th Congress is the most racially diverse ever. Forty-one percent of Democrats in Congress are white men, 85% of Republicans are white men. In the Senate, 63% of Democrats are white men while 82% of Republicans are white men. The Democrats by far are the most racially diverse party. Maybe you should check your facts before you ridicule a political party.
Darrel Hansen

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