Dave Wilhelmy | Media reporters have become commentators

I no longer trust any of the alphabet media (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN) or other sources. They no longer report the news. They now are all commentators. They feel they must report their personnel biases rather than fact. They only comment on things that their management approves.
As an example, their description of what was holding up the signing of the coronavirus bill. Not a single media source revealed that the major hold up was a 1,400-page addendum which Pelosi and Schumer put forward.
Issues such as the post office bailout, telling all airline passengers what the carbon footprint of the plane is, a host of infrastructure management windfalls, over $500 million for the arts, and a host of non-essential issues which have nothing to do with the Coronavirus. I just wish they could report facts instead of suppositions, speculations and personal biases.
They only comment on what they want you to believe rather than all the information. All of this information and other pork barrel politics can be reviewed on the National Review website.
Dave Wilhelmy

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