Did conspiracy, not coronavirus, spoil state titles for Luck and Unity?
Troy A. Bruzewski | For The Leader
MADISON – Extreme disappointment can be countered with humor and fact.
The boys basketball teams from Luck and Unity may both have been on a path to Madison for the WIAA state finals, if not for coronavirus concerns forcing the cancellation of remaining playoff games in winter sports. The Eagles could have been Division 4 champions while the Cardinals may have done the same in Division 5 – which presents a unique business opportunity for both schools.
Rather than just wondering what could have been, they can put it in print. I suggest both schools rush to a local screen printer or search for one online and create the artwork for "The Would-Have-Been Champions” T-shirts to be produced in all sizes. After all, nobody can prove either team wouldn’t have been hoisting their given division’s state title, which is a fact to match the humor desperately needed in the situation.
But I wouldn’t stop there.
As a person who believes that Lee Harvey Oswald and a magical gun didn’t break the laws of physics and common sense in Dealey Plaza, that firefighters and police recognize the sound of explosions and that amateur pilots can’t pull off Chuck Yeager-like maneuvers in jumbo jets despite never having been in the cockpit of one before, I say let future generations enjoy a new conspiracy plot.
The legend of these two teams could grow larger than the accomplishment of a state title itself, particularly if the shady aspects are based on facts. And since school is out for a few weeks, this can double as a history lesson. So let’s ponder the grandiose possibilities before many of you start searching YouTube for documentaries on the following subjects because the potential stories are much better and more entertaining than detailing an airborne virus. Each subject certainly has a documentary on it, since they’re all real things admitted to by our government.
The HAARP System
How do we know the government didn’t fire up the HAARP System to create wind currents that would more-rapidly deliver the coronavirus to the United States, in order to prevent Luck and/or Unity from winning a state title? This collection of high-power transmitters in Alaska is supposedly used to study the ionosphere, but many investigators claim HAARP could be used for weather modification and allege it was in operation days before a tsunami hit Haiti in 2010.
We are through the looking glass here, people.
This top-secret CIA operation exposed both willing and unwilling subjects to psychoactive drugs to study the potential for mind control, among other things. Nearly 100 locations in the United States and Canada were involved in the project whose participants included a man named Theodore Kaczynski, who years later became known as the Unabomber. The project came to public knowledge in the 1970s and was supposedly halted, but can we be sure it isn’t still active and that agents used its tactics to convince WIAA to cancel the remaining playoff games, rather than playing them in an empty gymnasium and broadcasting them online?
Project Rainbow
The general point to this secret project was to explore the possibility of creating time tunnels and wormholes, which then could lead to time travel. Maybe someone in 1930 could move years into the future to learn about Adolf Hitler, then return to 1930 and help prevent World War II. Then again, maybe a Luck or Unity rival from the future traveled back in time to halt their potential title run.
Dulce Base
This location in New Mexico is an alleged site of an underground fortress city occupied by both aliens and humans, who conduct experiments on kidnapped and unwilling humans. It’s also supposedly a portal for aliens to expediently travel to other points on the planet or the universe. Legend says then-president Jimmy Carter learned of this secret project and ordered military factions to invade and destroy the base, leading to the "Dulce Wars.” Can we be certain that a player or players from Luck or Unity wouldn’t have followed an official state title with a vacation to New Mexico, where they accidentally discovered this base is still operational?
There are so many more potential conspiracies that can’t be covered at the moment. I’m about to go speak to the two gentlemen in suits and sunglasses, sitting in an SUV with tinted windows and no license plates, parked on the street nearby.

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