Do the research | Gene Peterson

Leader letters to the editor
It is mind-boggling to read screeds from someone who obviously has a very liberal mindset. Medicare for all and free college are estimated to cost $30 trillion - $40 trillion or more over 10 years and 160-plus million Americans will lose the health care we now have and access to the doctors of our choice. I sure don’t want someone in Washington telling me where I can get treatment and who from.
The so-called evil rich now pay 90% or more of the taxes in this country.
As for guns, it has been against the law in this country since the ‘30s for private citizens to own or use fully automatic weapons. It is patently untrue that NRA members (which I have been for decades) support allowing mentally ill people to have full gun rights.
Take your own advice, Wayne Jensen, and do some research before you make statements that are so far out of whack. Don’t just get your talking points from the liberal mainstream media and Google.
Gene Peterson

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