DUI results from ditch trip

Greg Marsten | Staff writer
Brandon Major
Man’s behavior leads to suspicions
BALSAM LAKE – A report of an SUV in the ditch near Centuria late in the night on Saturday, Feb. 9, led police to investigate closer and the when they checked up on the driver they found him to be suspiciously giggly and appeared to be under the influence of some narcotic.
The driver was identified as Brandon Major, 24, Luck, and when asked about the crash he reportedly gave off an odor of marijuana and may have been under the influence of alcohol.
The Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy who responded administered a field sobriety test, which Major failed. They also noticed the odor of marijuana and found Major to be unsteady on his feet, with bloodshot eyes and other clues that he was intoxicated.
He was taken into custody and charged with operating while intoxicated (second), after a 2014 conviction for OWI.
Major later admitted to smoking marijuana prior to the crash, and said he had not been drinking any alcohol.

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