Frederic Arts is inaugurating a pottery program with the offering of hand building clay classes set for February and March. Frederic Arts has been offering painting, batik and other craft classes for several years and the pottery program has been in development for over a year. Hand building is an ancient pottery-making technique that involves creating forms without a pottery wheel by using hands, fingers and simple tools. The most common techniques are pinch pottery, coil building and slab building. Local potter Christy Wetzig will teach the first classes. “We’re very fortunate to have Christy to help guide and establish the program,” stated board member Jack Route. “It will take some time to get our space and resources fully developed but this will be a great way to get started. We have had some wonderful donations of materials and equipment and want to build on that as we are able.” Wetzig studied ceramics at Bethel College and has sold pots around the region. Her family fell in love with the Frederic area for its stony hills and big woods and started migrating here about 10 years ago. “I built my wood kiln just west of Frederic in 2015-16 and since have been making pots on the main street of Frederic in the former fire hall,” said Wetzig. “Besides making pots, my family and I are building a house in the woods, where we are trying to pursue a life closer to the land. It's this simple, radical life (as well as the land and trees) that influences my pots, pots meant to be reached for every day, pots that have been stripped of extraneous ornaments, revealing the beauty intrinsic to daily life.” Frederic Arts is an all-volunteer, community-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and welcomes new members and supporters to help bring the arts, in whatever form, to our area. Visit the website at to register for classes, sign up for occasional newsletters, make a donation, become a member, or to do all of these things. More information can be found on the website as well as on the Frederic Arts page on Facebook. - Photo provided

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