God bless our farmers | Brent Mathson

Leader letters to the editor
I kind of chuckled when I heard about a speech presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg gave implying that you don’t have to be very smart to be a farmer. You just dig a hole in the ground, drop in a seed, cover it with some dirt, sprinkle on a little water and … presto! - you’ve got corn.
My amusement turned to disdain as I recalled the years that my dad spent tending to his farm. Paul Harvey’s “God Made A Farmer” (Google it) brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it because it pretty accurately describes the kind of man that my dad was and the kind of people that most farmers are. It’s a sad fact that the family farm is quickly becoming a thing of the past and our country is not the better for it. Farmers not only raised crops and animals to feed the nation and the world; they raised families that worked hard, loved God and their country and made that country the envy of the world.
I thank God for my dad and all the farmers, past and present. With all of his billions of dollars, Bloomberg will never experience the rewards, blessings and satisfaction that come from transforming a patch of ground into a miracle. It takes more than money to do that. It takes brains, hard work and an uncommon love for the land.
God bless our farmers.
Brent Mathson
Balsam Lake

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