Impersonating officer “a stupid thing to do” admits Danbury man

Gary King | Editor
Bradley Young
BURNETT COUNTY - A 35-year-old rural Danbury man who admitted his impersonating an officer was a “stupid thing to do,” was convicted during a court hearing Tuesday, Jan. 29.
Bradley Curtis Young was found guilty of impersonating a peace officer, a class A misdemeanor, and was ordered to pay $500 in fines, costs and fees. A charge of operating a motor vehicle while revoked was dismissed but read into the court record.
The charges stem from a May 20, 2018, incident in the town of Swiss.
A woman notified authorities that an unmarked pickup truck she met while driving north on Hwy. 35 had performed a U-turn and pulled her over using flashing grill lights. She said she had accidentally flashed her bright lights at the truck as they met on the highway.
The woman said the truck, which she believed at the time to be driven by a law enforcement officer, pulled up behind her and turned off its lights. A male approached her, wearing a first responder’s uniform consisting of a safety-yellow long-sleeve shirt and reflective vest and blue jeans. She said the man approached her vehicle and was “drunk off his a**” and had “very slurred speech.” She said the man asked if she knew it was illegal to flash her headlights and she said she had done it accidentally.
“Don’t do it twice,” the man allegedly told her. “I’m giving you a warning.” The man walked away and the woman said he had difficulty backing his truck into a turnaround to get back to driving south.
After listening to the woman’s story, deputies believed that Young matched the description given by the woman and they proceeded to investigate Young’s location as he had moved from his last known residence. That afternoon they discovered his new address and that evening they visited that location and found Young, who denied knowing anything about the incident. Officers noticed there was a pickup in his driveway matching the description of the truck given by the woman. There was a reflective vest in the passenger seat and lights in the truck’s grill. The registration of the truck was expired. Meanwhile, the woman who made the complaint picked Young out of a photo lineup.
On May 22, deputies visited Young’s home again and arrested him. They interviewed him and Young admitted to impersonating an officer. He said it was the only time he had pulled someone over and he was going to throw away his red and white light when he got home. He also stated he was going to stop drinking alcohol. - Gary King
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