Kids trio wields knife in armed robbery attempt

Greg Marsten | Staff writer
Citizen intervenes at Luck convenience store after suspects arrive on snowmobile
LUCK – Details remain sketchy at press time about an alleged attempted armed robbery at a Luck convenience
store over the weekend. The attempt was allegedly made by three juvenile males with a knife, and apparently only failed because of a citizen intervention.
According to press release from Polk County Sheriff Brent Waak, the inci- dent took place on Sunday, March 3, at around 4:36 p.m., and started when three juvenile males entered the Luck Minit Mart convenience store at 106 Hwy. 35.
The three juveniles allegedly at- tempted to rob the clerk at knifepoint.
They were 16, 13 and 12 years old, and had arrived on at least two snowmo- biles, according to the sheriff.
However, an unnamed citizen inter- vened and disrupted the robbery at- tempt, leading to the apprehension of the three suspects. Because of the ages of the suspects, the details remain clouded in child protection issues, although we know that all three juveniles were taken into custody after their apprehension.
According to the authorities the
16-year-old was taken to a secure deten- tion facility in Eau Claire, while the other two juveniles were released to guard- ians. No further information is currently available, and any future court hearings are closed to the public and the press.
The PCSO and the Luck Police Depart- ment are conducting the investigation.
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