Linda Herscher | The best hope for our grandchildren

I am concerned about the climate crisis on several levels.
As a former biology teacher, I understand the reality and the seriousness of the problem. As a former resort owner, I am well aware of the climate change risks to the tourism industry in northern Wisconsin. A warming climate is bad for business. (The same is true for the timber industry).
As an admirer of God’s creation, I realize my responsibility to do my part to protect it. But my most compelling reason is love. Love for my three precious grandchildren. They and all children of this world are depending on us to ensure that they will have a livable world. When I consider the gravity of our situation, it scares me.
But there is hope. In January 2019, over 3,500 economists signed a letter in the Wall Street Journal with recommendations for addressing the climate crisis. Their recommendations are mirrored in a bipartisan bill in Congress called the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. It gives me hope because this bill is: economically sound; effective, reducing CO2 emissions 90% by 2050; and good for people’s health and the economy since less fossil fuel pollution means fewer trips to the doctor and ER, reduced asthma cases and thousands fewer premature deaths per year from dirty air.
The Energy Innovation Act is also fair because every citizen receives an equal dividend check each month to protect them from higher energy costs, a key element for the economists. In this part of the state, where we have many lower-income families, they will come out ahead, with extra money in their pockets, because they have a smaller carbon footprint. As we transition to renewable energy, our climate can stabilize, our environment heal and the world become safer. There are so many good reasons to support the Energy Innovation Act. But the biggest reason: this legislation is the best hope for all grandchildren who deserve to inherit a healthy climate and safer world.
To learn more about this legislation and find answers to your questions, go to energyinnovationact.org, then click on Endorse the Bill to send an email to your members of Congress, telling them that you want them to support this legislation!
Linda Herscher

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