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Keep the whole world singing
Yes, we all love to sing. For some it starts out as a hobby and it becomes an addiction. At first you just sing in the shower, sending your pets into hiding and your kids slamming their bedroom doors. But ahh, it feels good, whether you are belting out a song by Pavarotti or the Beatles. Music is universal. Even if you don’t know the words, people around you can feel the message that you’re sending. Are you mad or angry? Are you in love or want to be loved? Are you hurt and heartbroken? Ahh, thanks to singing, we can let the world know just how we feel. We never realize the power of singing, just how we can touch someone’s hearts.
Our chorus has sung at many occasions – Valentine’s sing-outs, church services, funerals, celebrations – just about anything.
Here is a touching message from one of our brothers in songs:
“Our quartet, First Choice, sang for a funeral on Monday, March 16, for a good friend. We sang ‘It is Well’ and the ‘America’ overlay.
“We, and another quartet, Vocality, went to River Bend two years ago for Marie Williamson’s funeral and sang. Somehow Barb Madson, who heard us perform, told us that if and when she was gone, she would appreciate if our quartet would sing at her funeral. An invitation that we hoped would never happen, but somehow, we were contacted about the sad news and we kept our promise. Our quartet showed up and performed the songs she requested and received lots of compliments. Barb’s husband, Gordon, died about 10 years ago, and Gordy was a member of my hunting cabin outside Spooner. For many years, we played lots of 500 cards, cribbage and other games after supper. What fond memories we had.
“Singing goodbye to Gordon was hard and singing to Barb was even harder. But, somehow, it was heartwarming to know that our songs touched them, even if they were in a different place. They do hear us and get our messages.”
So, singing is not just about singing. It is about reaching out and touching others. Yes, keep singing so the world will sing with you.
Jon Buss

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