Newly created website offers fun, hands-on learning activities to do at home

SIREN - As always, Extension and 4-H want to support youth and families with fun, hands-on learning that helps young people build life skills like critical thinking, problem-solving and decision making. World events are making things more challenging right now. But we don’t let that stop us!
Extension educators from around the state created a handy list of easy-to-access activities and curriculum, The page is organized by grade level and is chock full of Extension and 4-H resources as well as high quality, fun, learning activities from a range of other sources.
As you would expect, we focused as much as possible on experiential learning and fun. Then, to save you time, energy and unnecessary worry, we: 
Filtered out many activities with hard-to-find supplies and those that needed a lot of adult supervision to be safe.
Included activities that encouraged some kind of safe social connection and/or involved getting youth out of the chair and moving.
Included high quality, inclusive and accessible resources for all ages, including parents, caregivers and families.
Check out the link to see what’s there now. Bookmark it to check back for new resources added later.
Fun, Hands-On Learning At Home:
Any questions? Contact Beth Rank, Burnett County positive youth development extension educator, at 715-349-2151 or [email protected]

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