Proposed restitution order for $337,606.57 in McKenzie slasher case

Becky Strabel | Staff writer
Allen Thomas
BURNETT COUNTY - When Allen G. Thomas, 55, Pepin, was convicted of two felony counts of aggravated battery with intent to cause great bodily harm in late November 2018, Washburn County Judge Eugene Harrington sentenced him to a jail sentence of only 360 days. It was also ordered that Thomas meet many financial obligations or he would be sent to state prison for 20 years, plus 10 years of extended supervision. The charges came after Thomas slashed the throats of two strangers at a Fourth of July celebration at a McKenzie Lake establishment in 2016.
Part of the monetary commitment at sentencing included paying $2,000 each month, starting Jan. 1, to the Department of Corrections for the victims’ restitution. The restitution amount would be determined at a later date and if contested, a hearing would take place.
Harrington told the victims at the sentencing that he was sorry that they would never be adequately compensated for the random acts of violence that they both suffered and that they escaped death by mere millimeters by the grace of God. Restitution was his primary goal of sentencing and noted that if Thomas fails at probation then that shows the court, after the fact, that prison is where he belongs.
On Jan. 28, the county district attorney’s office filed a proposed restitution order for $337,606.57 for the victims. The amount covers medical bills, prescriptions, mileage and loss of work. The defense attorney objected to the proposed order which was later signed by Harrington. A restitution hearing is scheduled for March 15.
Thomas has three other open cases in Burnett County, but the DA has filed a motion for dismissal in two felony bail jumping cases. The other is a civil case between the victims and Thomas.
If the restitution amount is upheld along with the order to pay $2,000 per month, Thomas would have the amount paid in full in just over 14 years.

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