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Super Bowl LIV
So, have you purchased your supersized snacks to put into your supersized bowl as you prepare for this weekend’s Super Bowl football game? Have you placed your bet on who will be victorious? Will it be the team from Kansas City or the team from San Francisco? Or, are you a person who tunes into the big game for the halftime show or perhaps just to view the commercials? Throughout the evening on Sunday, Feb. 2, I will probably switch to see how things are going with the game, but, I will no doubt, actually be more tuned into a different show on a different channel.
When the Minnesota Vikings played the San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs, I did pay attention to the outcome of the game. Don’t throw any footballs at me, but I was hoping the Vikings would have been victorious after that game. I had hoped the Vikings and the Green Bay Packers would meet up to play in the playoffs. If they had, I would have really made an effort to be with grandson Cole, a Vikings fan, to watch the game. This 4-foot-2-inch 53-pounder is so animated when he watches football. He has a lot of football facts stored away in his 8-year-old brain. I don’t want to dash his dreams, but Cole would like to be a professional football player when he is older. I guess I shouldn’t be too concerned about his dream job at this point. Last year, his desire was to be a paleontologist.
When the time came for the Packers to play the 49ers in the NFC championship game, I asked Cole which team he would be cheering for. I was a tad disappointed when he said the 49ers. So, who is Cole hoping will win the Super Bowl? I guess he is going with Kansas City. Is it perhaps because the team hasn’t been to the Super Bowl for something like 50 years? I think there are quite a few football fans who are happy to see other teams playing in the Super Bowl this year. They may have been getting tired of seeing the New England Patriots there for like four times in the last five years?
If you plan to watch the competition as the Chiefs and the 49ers meet up at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, I hope you enjoy your refreshments and the super big game.
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