Remember the less fortunate | Rich Hess

Leader letters to the editor
With regard to the two letters about the 35.8% school tax increase: They are written from the perspective of the people in poverty, people living paycheck to paycheck, farmers, small businesses, those on fixed incomes, our nonresident taxpayers and anyone who tries to be frugal, to local school boards and the people affected.
When I looked up your Frederic school taxes, they went up 70% and you got a vote, called a referendum. What we (Grantsburg) got was a surprise of 35.8% and not a community vote. Now you are planning a building referendum for us this year. Is your plan to drive all of us out of our homes and/or businesses? Burnett County has one of the highest median property taxes in the United States and is ranked 527th of the 3,143 counties in order of median property taxes. Any more requests for more local monies are an infliction of financial pain on our neighbors. Remember the less fortunate.
Jan. 27, 2020, district minutes: “Two members to approve the bid for School Perceptions Community Survey ($7,900 with the potential for options 2 and 3) to guide the potential referendum process. (Anderson-Kraus recommendation). Motion carried.”
We the people should determine the surveyor, not the provider of the changes. Suggestion: We the taxpayers want input on the questions we want asked.
Burnett County Comprehensive Planning Public Opinion Survey report, September 2009, done by the University of Wisconsin - River Falls, on our county website. This report needs to be updated, expanded, inputted online, etc. This is the basic format we can use and do it ourselves.
From Madison: In addition, the rainy-day fund would receive another deposit, bringing the total of the budget stabilization fund to nearly $1 billion. The governor vetoed it to get more monies for our K-12s.
Support our governor in the changes needed and put maximum pressure on Madison to get more monies for us. I would hope you and the board would be our greatest advocates. At this time, I do not think the board feels the pain inflicted on our neighbors as mentioned above.
Trends of concern: State population decreasing, school population decreasing, worker shortage, skill shortage and property taxes increasing. “We the people” feel that too many politicians in government service are not listening or taking the proper actions to support our real needs.
Do we really need better buildings or more technical skills and social services for our future adults?
Rich Hess
Trade Lake

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