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Re-open Wisconsin - Safe at Work | Tavern League

On May 26, when the current Stay at Home Order ends, the challenges facing Wisconsin in fighting the Coronavirus will essentially be the same as they are today, with no vaccine available. According to experts, a vaccine will not be widely available for 12 to 18 months. Wisconsinites cannot live under a Stay at Home Order for the next 12 to 18 months.
The safety of our customers and employees is the most important factor moving forward. Without protecting their safety, we have no viable business. Today, many businesses are open and safely serving the public. We can learn from those businesses and create a responsible, safe model for a soft reopening of Wisconsin’s taverns, restaurants and supper clubs on May 1.
We urge Gov. Evers to adopt a responsible Safe at Work policy for Wisconsin’s hospitality industry and customers. Let’s work together to reopen Wisconsin’s taverns, restaurants and supper clubs while taking the important steps to protect the safety of employees and customers.
Effective May 1:
• All employees required to wear masks and gloves.
• Practice social distancing of 6 feet.
• All tables 6 feet apart.
• No tables of more than 6 people.
• Reduce on-premise capacity by 50%.
• Outdoor eating and drinking with 6 feet distancing permitted.
• No salad bars or self-serve buffets.
• Eliminate paper menus.
• Eliminate all table condiments.
Chris Marsicano
Tavern League of Wisconsin President
Reader Comments
Steven Frey[email protected]
APR 21  •  Being in a tavern before the virus issue hit was always a challenge. Some local drunk thinking they have to have you listen to them, slobbering on you, leaning against you, just being a pain in the AZE! Bar owner is afraid to kick em out because the person spends his time and money there. Please go ahead with the tavern reopening would make a great medical guinea-pig. The tavern/eatery industry will have a real tuff time getting normal patrons back...good luck!
Glenn Rolloff[email protected]
APR 20  •  It would make for an interesting experiment... for those willing to participate.
Ken Mettler[email protected]
APR 20  •  Lets open up Wisconsin at the old date (next week)!
Patricia Tjader[email protected]
APR 20  •  I agree with Mr. Marsicano. We need to get people back to work.

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