Rezone Danger | Roger and Marilyn Belau

Danger! Alert!
Our vehicle is stopped at the intersection of Deer Lake/Bear Lake Road and Hwy. 77 to head out from our residence on Deer Lake Road to go shopping. It is Friday. The traffic on Hwy. 77 is heavy as cabin owners come for the weekend. We look to the east down the curving hill. There is a blind spot there. Then we look to the west, a short distance away is the crest of a hill. Cars drive at 60 mph through this scenic countryside. We look to our right and our left again. We pull out and check the rearview mirror to see what vehicle may suddenly be fast approaching us as we get up to speed.
A dangerous intersection!
The danger at this intersection is about to get worse. A business, North Camp Properties III, is applying for a rezone from residential to commercial in order to locate their business at this intersection. The Burnett County Board of Supervisors has the option of rejecting the rezone. In the quiet winter months the Burnett County Land Use and Information Committee approved the conditional use permit to allow North Camp Properties III to erect 103 storage units, 12 feet by 25 feet each, to allow outdoor space to store 75 watercraft, and also to build a sales/showroom, approximately 50 feet by 140 feet.
All this is dependent on rezoning this property to commercial use.
This storage/sales business will substantially increase the traffic hazard through this intersection.
A traffic accident study of this intersection by the Wisconsin Bureau of Transportation and Safety states: “ ... it is the case that injury crashes do make up a higher proportion of crashes (42%) in this area than they typically do in all statewide crashes (23%).” In the past 10 years there have been 12 accidents at this intersection.
If you travel Hwy. 77 and pass through this intersection or use Deer Lake Road/Bear Lake Road, email/call the Burnett County Board of Supervisors at burnettcounty.com, listed under government. Don Taylor is the chair. Webb Lake town supervisors are found at townofwebblake.com.
Make sure to find out when the Burnett County Board of Supervisors meeting will be held. Encourage them to realize that the rezone for this business location will endanger us all. It is an opportunity to let our voices be heard in an effort to keep Wisconsin roads safe.
Roger Belau
Marilyn Belau
Webb Lake

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