Robbin K. Larson | My heroes

Today I pulled brush out of the woods, all the while listening to the radio. I heard the words social distancing at least a hundred times. The random acts of kindness told on the radio choked me up. The nice day outside was meant to be a “me” day but for the life of me I could not stop thinking about the sacrifices our health care workers are making for us. And the businesses staying open for our benefit at the risk of their exposure. It brought me back to when my son, Jase, was in the military. 
It is what Jase signed up for when he enlisted, no sympathy for Jase or me, it’s his job. Strangers started thanking me for his service, they offered me prayers and hope. That is what got me through it. Now it’s my turn to step up to the plate. Only now it is a virus that is threatening the country I love. We have different soldiers fighting this war that are called health care workers. Like my son, they signed up to care for us, hoping a disaster would not happen but each and every department is hit by this virus in the hospital. And hearing that they may not have PPEs to protect themselves just sickens me. They deserve our utmost respect and prayers. It’s our job to give them support and hope!
Some people called my son a hero. Today I call our health care workers my heroes. Please know I appreciate you all. 
Thank you for your service
Robbin K. Larson 

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