Robin Maercklein | Open letter to Sen. Johnson

An open letter to Senator Ron Johnson
Dear Sen. Ron Johnson,
When the boy cried wolf, he lied. But the townspeople came to protect their flock.
When the boy lied a second time, the townspeople came again.
When, for a third time, the boy cried wolf, this time when the beast actually came threatening the flock, the townspeople did not respond, as they assumed the boy was lying again, leaving their flock in danger.
When President Trump lies 15,413 times over 1,055 days (according to the Washington Post on Dec. 16, 2019), we, the nation's flock, are in danger. Donald Trump has not earned the right to be believed or trusted.
These lies and mistrust in our president demand you vote to let witnesses testify in the impeachment trial.
Your constituent,
Robert Maercklein

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