Russell B. Hanson | PBS Media Bias

Mr. Guanella, in a letter to the editor, claims that a Public Broadcasting System reporter asking Trump a question about the inconsistency of his past statements shows an anti-Trump bias and so PBS is biased.
Asking a question that begins by repeating a statement Trump made last week and if he still stands by it this week, is something that is certainly new to presidential coverage. In the past we never had a president who changed his mind daily and seems to have no memory of what he said yesterday, much less a week earlier. One who is completely estranged from truth at all levels.
I agree with the conservative Charles Koch Foundation: “ … our revolutionary forefathers knew that when the press examines the actions of government, the nation benefits. News organizations expose corruption and cover-ups, deceptions and deceits, illegal actions and unethical behavior—and they hold our leaders and our institutions accountable … ”
Do we really think unbiased news comes from media outlets that Guanella would likely approve, who until two weeks ago were telling us that Covid-19 was a mainstream media, Democrat hoax, and then on a Friday completely make a U-turn and begin praising Trump for his amazing work in preparing us for a tremendous epidemic? Or do we want independent media who ask probing questions for us? A media not beholden to advertisers!
Bias for Guanella, appears to be putting Trump on the spot by quoting his earlier statements that have sown confusion with Americans.
My own question would be to Trump and to his supporters like Guanella, “Do you owe the American public an apology for telling us the Covid-19 epidemic was a hoax for 2 months when our government should have been preparing us? Why were you fooled so easily? What are you doing to prevent being fooled in the future?”
Possibly watching PBS might prevent one from being so completely fooled on Covid-19 in the future too.
Russell B. Hanson

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