SCF council goes Lien and Snyder

ST. CROIX FALLS – Two aldermanic races in St. Croix Falls were unique in that they had several veritable “last minute” wrote-in candidates declare their eligibility for the two aldermanic seats open in Districts 1 and 2.
The District 1 vacancy was created when current alderperson Kirk Anderson chose to run for mayor instead of seeking reelection to his aldermanic seat. The District 1 race was between write-ins, as both the final two candidates missed the official filing deadlines over the winter.
Shortly after the filing deadline passed with no candidates on the ballot, over three months ago, Joe Snyder declared his candidacy as a write-in, and ended up earning a win over Ken Coutier, who had declared his write-in candidacy two weeks prior to the April 7 general election.
The final vote tally between the two in District 1 had Snyder winning, 88-to-50.
The contest in District 2 began when the previous alderperson, Joy Zasadny, chose not to run again, and later resigned her seat several months early. Declared candidate Craig Lien was originally the only candidate for the seat and was the only person on the ballot. Due to Zasadny’s early resignation in early January, Lien was asked by the city’s common council if he would consider being appointed to fill the rest of Zasadny’s term, which he did.
However, as the general election approached, former mayoral candidate Jimmy Allen declared his candidacy as a last-minute write-in, challenging Lien for the seat that he not occupied as a technical incumbent.
Allen had lost in a three-way-primary in February to Mayor Arnie Carlson and alderperson Kirk Anderson, but Allen failed to garner much support in the general election, with Lien winning handily, 235-to-24, to retaining his appointed seat on the council dais.

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