SCF mayor’s race upset

Greg Marsten | Staff writer
ST. CROIX FALLS – In a major political upset, there will be a new mayor in St. Croix Falls, as one of the area’s most hotly contested races went to the challenger between incumbent mayor Arnie Carlson and current alderperson Kirk Anderson, who chose not to seek reelection to his council seat, instead running the gauntlet and running against Carlson for mayor, where he emerged victorious in a veritable landslide, 464-to-170.
Anderson’s victory comes amid what has been an occasionally uncomfortable friction between the two during council meetings, who sit beside each other at the council dais and have been on opposite sides of several issues in recent months.
The race for mayor originally garnered another challenger, Jimmy Allen, which resulted in a February primary, where he did not make the final cut, leaving it a two-person race between Carlson and Anderson.
In the end, the final election results mirrored the support Anderson received in the February primary, with the challenger even stretching his percentage lead against Carlson in the final election.
Anderson thanked his supporters, family and voters for the support in a social media message Monday night, acknowledging the final tally “was the result we wanted.”
He also asked for support from residents on both sides of the mayoral vote and adding that due to the pandemic and virtual lockdown, many people are worrying about their job security, business viability and ability to pay their bills.
“I want to ask for your support, by asking for your prayers,” Anderson said in a solemn social media post Monday evening after the results were revealed. “This is going to be a very challenging position to fulfill, much more challenging than it would have been even a month or so ago … we’re in a different time and it’s a different place.”

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