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Sheriff says extension of Safer at Home is “overreach of state government”

Gary King | Editor
Says most businesses can safely operate with protective measures
POLK COUNTY - Polk County Sheriff Brent Waak posted a statement via Facebook on Tuesday, April 21, clarifying his position on the enforcement of the Safer at Home order, noting that he believes Gov. Tony Evers’ extension of the Safer at Home order, from April 24 to May 26, “is an overreach of the state government.”
He said he believes the business community can be innovative and reopen safely with everyone’s health in mind.
Following is the sheriff’s letter in its entirety:
“I want to take this opportunity to explain to the residents of Polk County my position on the enforcement of the Safer at Home order. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started over a month ago, I chose to take a common-sense approach to enforcing the order. I watched our community self-regulate and adapt to the order. By utilizing social distancing and sanitation guidelines, our community has stayed healthy. I didn’t enforce travel restrictions or prohibit religious freedoms. I respected our fundamental rights.”
"I believe the extension of the Safer at Home order that was set to expire on April 24, 2020, is an over-reach of the State Government. As your sheriff, I have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State of Wisconsin. I have always respected the civil liberties of the citizens of Polk County.
“I believe that most Polk County businesses can safely operate with some protective measures in place such as social distancing and protective equipment for staff/patrons. I believe that our business community can be innovative and reopen safely with everyone’s health in mind.
“I will work with our local public health officials to make sure our community continues to stay healthy and expect that we can safely start to reopen our economy. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office will work hard to protect our citizens from criminals and keep our community safe while respecting everyone’s constitutional rights.”
Reader Comments
Joeylee[email protected]
APR 22  •  Very well spoken,the first police officer tgat cares about public rights..awesome
Sue Davidson[email protected]
APR 21  •  Thank you Sheriff Waak. It's good to know that you support our constitutional rights.
Tom[email protected]
APR 21  •  Drunks will not stay 6’ apart. 90% of Polk county businesses sell alcohol. You are asking for trouble.
CLIFFORD NESSETH[email protected]
APR 21  •  Great approach. Keep up the good work. I'm behind you Thank you.
Steven Frey[email protected]
APR 21  •  I think our Polk County Sheriff has better things to do, keep out of the politics of this virus issue and get to speed control of our area roads. Hwy "M" from the Horse Lake area to the south Polk county line has become an uncontrolled race track. If your not doing 65-75 mph you will be tailgated and nearly run over! Cant you find a meth head to chase?? Stay out of this virus issue and find something better to do to occupy your time, Remember you were voted into your position and being paid with tax dollars. Do your job!!

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