Softec Education Inc. allows students to stay in Burnett County | Richard and Audrey Costerisan

Leader letters to the editor
Nestled across Hwy. 35 from the Burnett County Government Center is a small school that is making a big impact on the lives of its students. This school offers job training right here in Siren.
On Friday, Jan. 31, we had the pleasure of attending the graduation of eight highly trained and motivated students at Softec Education Inc. At the graduation, state Rep. Nick Milroy presented the graduates with a plaque from the state on behalf of himself and state Sens. Janet Bewley and Patti Schachtner to recognize their accomplishments. The students also received a graduation certificate from Softec.
Attending tribal leaders, families and friends were on hand to honor the graduates’ achievement of completing a six-week, concentrated and high-tech class that made them job-ready to operate heavy construction machinery. Industry representatives were there to offer support for the training program and jobs for the graduates. Most graduates are hired into this high-paying occupation on or shortly after finishing the class.
Thanks to Softec Education Inc. and local industry, students of all ages have a chance at getting training and a good-paying job in a profession that allows them to live and raise their families right here in Burnett County. To continue this benefit to our families and the local economy we all need to get behind this innovative training program.
You can support Softec with a tax-free donation and help spread the word to job seekers that this training is here, waiting to be taken advantage of. To learn more about this opportunity, visit softeceducation.org.
Richard and Audrey Costerisan

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