Stay away from socialism | Terry Guanella

Leader letters to the editor
Yes, I could stand to lose a few pounds. However, I don’t want the government to force me on to the Venezuelan weight-loss program where socialism has resulted in food shortages that led to the average Venezuelan losing 25 pounds!
When you see that nearly 50% of the Democrats of Nevada support a socialist for president I find that very scary!
I wish the Democrats would read more history. They would see that socialist Hitler was responsible for between 11 million and 12 million noncombatant deaths, while socialist Stalin was responsible for at least 6 million, and as many as 9 million “foreseeable” deaths caused by deportation, starvation and incarceration in concentration camps. Then we have the big winner, socialist Mao, who was responsible for 70 million deaths in peacetime, “more than any other 20th-century leader.”
See how the Democrats fight education vouchers so black and brown students are trapped in failing socialist public schools. Now they talk about forgiving college debt. That will result in all education being socialized and government control of all education.
The Democrats all seem to favor what they call “Medicare for all” which is really socialized medicine where a bureaucrat decides what treatments you get, where you get the treatment and by whom and when (sounds like the VA to me). Do you want a bureaucrat to tell you Grandma isn’t worth fixing her broken hip, and she can lie there on painkillers until she dies? Please ask them which countries with socialized medicine would they copy? Then you can compare wait times for care, quality of care and innovation. Currently 95% of the new drugs come from the old USA. I hope the Republicans would follow the Singapore model to improve our health care.
We also see the Democrats want more gun control for law-abiding citizens. How much tyranny do they plan to impose on us that they fear us having arms to resist?
I hope the Democrats will see that socialism will end improvement from innovation, will tax us all equally into poverty and lead to our enslavement to the government. 
Terry Guanella

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