Stop the Trojan Pig | Steve Clark

Leader letters to the editor
Foreign investors are trying to build giant hog factory farms in Polk County.
By destroying our property values and health they can make millions of dollars shipping pork to Mexico and China.
Last October Polk County citizens demanded that our supervisors pass a moratorium and give us a report on the environmental and health impacts of these factories. If the study isn’t done they are must extend the moratorium. That report is due March 15.
Guess what? There is no report!
They don’t want people to know what these factories do. The county has done very little research and no analysis. It appears that these big corporations have hijacked the moratorium. Why is Polk County so willing to let these factories store manure, corpses and placentas from an infinite number of hogs 100 feet from their neighbors? Why are they willing to risk the health, safety, economic vitality and small-farm sustainability of Polk County residents for the short-term benefit of out-of-state corporations?
To hide the truth, they are trying to pass a “Trojan Pig” resolution on Feb. 20. They are pretending the resolution, No. 03-20, extends the moratorium. What it really does is kill the report and let a small committee end the moratorium whenever they feel like it.
Please contact your county supervisor and tell them we want a study and they should kill the Trojan Pig Resolution 03-20. Better yet, come tell them in person at the county board meeting at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 20!
Steve Clark
Town of Laketown

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