Support Amy Middleton for county supervisor | Sandra Ball

Leader letters to the editor
I started attending town meetings and county board meetings a few months ago because I finally have time now that I am retired. This is where I have seen both candidates for the county District 10 in action. Amy Middleton respectfully expresses concern for property values, clean water and air and protecting our rural character. 
I have been very disappointed at the county board and committee meetings I’ve attended. The committees seem to do little to no research on the issues at hand. Amy has demonstrated thoughtful and level-headed leadership while serving on our town’s plan commission for the past 12 years. She is willing to do the work to research issues so she can make informed decisions on important issues for our county and our quality of life. This is more important than ever considering the uncertainty we are dealing with on a daily basis. 
Please support Amy as county supervisor for thoughtful, level-headed leadership. 
Sandra Ball

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