Three men accused of sexually assaulting UWEC student

Editor’s note: The men named in this story are originally from Siren. The story is reprinted with permission from the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram
Dan Holtz | Eau Claire Leader-Telegram
EAU CLAIRE - Three Eau Claire men are accused of sexually assaulting a UW-Eau Claire student early Sunday morning, March 17, at an Eau Claire apartment.
The woman believes the three men intentionally tried to get her drunk before the sexual contact occurred, police said.
Logan D. Allen, 21, 210 Tenth Ave., Alexi J. Gloodt, 21, 317 Earl St., and Alexander E. Pinero, 19, 716 W. Grand Ave., were each charged Friday in Eau Claire County Court with a felony count of second-degree sexual assault and a misdemeanor count of marijuana possession.
A $5,000 cash bail was set for each man.
The bail prohibits the men from having contact with the woman, UW-Eau Claire or each other.
The men were scheduled to return to court on April 2 for a preliminary hearing.
According to the criminal complaint:
The woman told Eau Claire and UW-Eau Claire police she was the victim of a sexual assault by three men at an apartment on West Grand Avenue.
The woman said she met Allen on the Tinder app about two to three weeks earlier and had been talking to him via Snapchat.
The woman met with Allen on March 5 at his residence. They had consensual sexual intercourse that day and talked nearly every day since then on Snapchat.
Allen contacted her on the evening of Saturday, March 16, and asked if she wanted to go drinking with him and two of his friends.
Allen then asked the woman if she would be interested in having sex with him and his two friends.
Allen sent the woman pictures of his two friends. The woman said she did not know them and didn’t want to have sex with them.
Allen then asked the woman to hang out with him at his friend’s apartment on Grand Avenue.
The woman got a ride from a Lyft driver and got to the apartment at midnight.
The woman assumed she was being invited to a party by Allen. But when she got inside, she discovered it was just Allen and two other men, later identified as Gloodt and Pinero.
The woman said she didn’t feel right about the situation but decided to stay and hang out.
The woman and the three men listened to music and played a drinking game. The woman said she got pretty drunk and believed the men were intentionally getting her intoxicated.
The woman believes she never blacked out from drinking too much.
The group then started to smoke marijuana. Afterwards, the three men went outside for a short time.
Gloodt came back inside and asked the woman if she wanted to have sex with him. She repeatedly said no.
But because of her level of intoxication and Gloodt’s persistence, she gave in, even though she didn’t want to engage in sex.
Gloodt took off the woman’s clothes and had sex with her.
Pinero then entered the room and had sex with the woman.
Gloodt had left the room but re-entered, placed handcuffs on the woman and had sex with her again.
The woman said things were “fuzzy” at this time and that everything started to “blend together.”
Allen had sex with the woman a while later.
The woman eventually called a Lyft driver to take her back to her dorm room.
The woman then went to work and became upset, sick and scared of what happened to her.
She told police she did not want to have sex at any point while she was at the apartment with the three men.
The woman underwent a sexual assault exam at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital.
Allen told police the woman had sex with him and his friends. He said when he and the woman had sex, it was consensual.
If convicted of the felony charge, Allen, Gloodt and Pinero could each be sentenced to up to 25 years in prison.
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