Traffic stop leads to OWI (second)

Greg Marsten | Staff writer
Daniel Elsberry
Admits to drinking “the normal amount” of alcohol
BALSAM LAKE – A car passing a sheriff’s deputy going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit on Hwy. 8, on the evening of Thursday, Feb. 14, led the deputy to initiate a traffic stop, where the driver smelled of intoxicants.
The driver was identified as Daniel Elsberry, 56, Amery, who admitted to leaving a Range tavern, where he said he had been drinking “the normal amount.”
The Polk County Sheriff’s Department deputy perfumed a field sobriety test on Elsberry, who failed every aspect and later registered a blood alcohol concentration of .14 percent, well over the .08 percent BAC limit to legally drive.
Elsberry also has a previous OWI conviction and was later cited for OWI, second. The charges against Elsberry were still pending at press time.
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