Washburn County April 7 election overview

Danielle Danford | Staff writer
Washburn County: Several elections with no registered candidate
WASHBURN COUNTY — The April 7 election will determine who will hold numerous positions in varying levels of Washburn County governance. Up for election include Washburn County Circuit Court judge, all 21 supervisors of the Washburn County board, school board members, alderpersons to city councils and trustees in villages.
There several positions that have no candidates running including seats on the county board, Spooner city council and Spooner school board. Before casting your ballot, absentee or otherwise, electors can request the list of write-in candidates from the clerk where they are registered to vote.
Washburn County circuit court judge
The position of Washburn County circuit court judge is up for election with one candidate filed. Angeline E. Winton, the current Washburn County judge, is the only candidate listed for the position by the Wisconsin Elections Commission.
Washburn County Board of Supervisors
All 21 positions on the Washburn County board of supervisors are up for election in April. Of those positions there are three districts where the current representatives are not running for re-election. Those are; district 14, district 16 and District 9. However, Keith Trembath, who previously represented the district, has filed for election to the district 9 position. There are three supervisory district’s with no candidate running, district 14, district 16 and district 19.
The following are the registered candidates for each district.
District 1, Jerry Smith, incumbent
District 2, Linda Featherly, incumbent
District 3, Mark J. Radzak, incumbent
District 4, Sandy M. Johnson, incumbent
District 5, Thomas J. Mackie, incumbent
District 6, Cristina Masterjohn, incumbent
District 7, Bob Olsgard, incumbent
District 8, Tim Kessler, incumbent
District 9, Keith Trembath
District 10, Hank Graber, incumbent
District 11, Dave M. Wilson, incumbent
District 12, David R. Masterjohn, incumbent
District 13, Dennis Wood, incumbent,
District 14, No Candidate
District 15, Romaine Quinn, incumbent
District 16, No Candidate
District 17, Jocelyn Ford, incumbent
District 18, Robert Reiter, incumbent
District 19, No Candidate
District 20, Stephen J. Smith, incumbent
District 21, Clint R. Stariha, incumbent
City of Shell Lake
Positions up for election for the city of Shell Lake include mayor, and four alderpersons on city council from Ward 1 and Ward 2. This year there is a contest for the position of mayor between candidates Sally Peterson and Matt Dryden. The four positions on the city council up for election all have the incumbent candidates running for election. In Ward 1 the candidates are Mike Andrews and Brent Edlin. In Ward 2 the candidates are Ken Schultz and Dan Harrington.
City of Spooner
The city of Spooner has Gary Cuskey running for re-election as Mayor unopposed. All current alderpersons on the city council filed for re-election, except in District 4, leaving no candidate running to represent that portion of the city. The city’s municipal judge has Katherine Stewart as the only candidate filed as Andrew Lawton, the current municipal judge, decided not to run.
School boards
The majority of school boards in Washburn County have only incumbent candidates running for re-election, but Spooner school board is short a candidate. The Spooner school board has two candidates registered with three positions up for election. Nathaniel Melton and Michelle Jepson are registered candidates. Melton is a current school board member while Jepson is a new candidate. This still leaves the school board short one person with only two registered candidates.
The Shell Lake school board has two positions up for election with both incumbents running for re-election unopposed; Matt Ciesielski and Nicole Tims.
The Birchwood school board has one person running unopposed, incumbent school board member Jessica Downey. The Hayward school board has all incumbents running for re-election unopposed; James Ahrens, Henry Bearheart and Harry D. Malcolm. The Northwood school board has Michelle Manor running unopposed for re-election. The Rice Lake school board has three positions up for election with only the incumbents filing for those positions; Bert Richard, Abbey Fischer and Douglas J. Kucko.
Village of Birchwood
The village of Birchwood has four candidates for the two village trustee positions up for election. Those candidates are Kelly Lenhert, Nancy Seffinga, Mark Manning and Virginia Hurckman.
Village of Minong
The village of Minong has two people for three trustee positions; Brenda Jelinek and Lloyd Wallace. The village also has Andy Podratz as a registered write-in candidate for trustee.

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