Washburn County: Two school referendums pass; voter turnout way up from previous spring election results

Danielle Danford | Staff writer
Unofficial election results for Wisconsin’s April 7 election were released the evening of Monday, April 13. Wisconsin electors voted in the Presidential preference vote, a justice on the state supreme court, and a referendum on amending the state’s constitution. Locally, electors in the City of Shell Lake decided a contested election for the position of mayor. Electors in the school districts of Birchwood and Spooner voted on their district’s proposed referendums.
Statewide voters in the Democratic Presidential preference vote Joe Biden received the highest number of votes with about 64% of votes statewide.
Wisconsin voters elected Jill Karofsky to the state supreme court. Karofsky received over 50% of the votes statewide, and Daniel Kelly received about 46% of the votes. In Washburn County Kelly received 2,607 VOTES, and Karofsky received 2,177 votes.
The majority of Wisconsin electors voted to amend the state constitution for crime victims. Statewide, over 76% of electors voted to amend the state constitution, and 24% voted to not amend the state constitution. In Washburn County, 3,119 electors voted to amend the state constitution, and 1,330 voted to not amend the state constitution.
The only local contested election in Washburn County was for the position of Shell Lake mayor between candidates Sally Peterson and Matt Dryden. Peterson was re-elected to the position with 246 votes, Dryden received 207 votes.
Two school districts in Washburn County had referendums on the April 7 ballots; the Birchwood school district and the Spooner Area School District. The Birchwood school district asked school district residents if they supported a $5.8 million dollar operational referendum. The Spooner school district asked its residents if they supported a $16 million dollar referendum.
The Spooner referendum passed on a 1,784 yes, 1,287 no vote. The Birchwood referendum passed on a 237 yes, 67 no vote.
Washburn County’s unofficial voter turnout for the April 7, 2020, election is 38% with 5,000 people voting. The voter turnout for the last spring election, held in April 2018, was 24.44%.

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