Wayne Jensen | Response to Guanella letter on socialism

Anyone that took Political Science 101 in junior college knows there is a major difference regarding Democratic Socialism.
I have friends and relatives in Norway and Denmark. These are the happiest countries on earth and they're Democratic Socialist. Do the research.
We're the only democracy that has multi-billionaires. The only democracy without affordable or free college and healthcare.
Medicare for all will save billions.
Hitler claimed to be a Christian and a Socialist. He was neither!
Please do some research on dictatorship and google the similarities between Hitler and Trump.
Democratic Socialism is the polar opposite of fascism. It fairly taxes all and billionaires will actually pay taxes again!
Examples of Democratic Socialism as follows: Public schools, parks and natural areas, minimum wage, paid vacation, 40-hour workweek, public health, plowing roads, the military, fire department, Social Security, Medicare, OSHA, prisons, public roads, to name a few.
Re guns: We own guns. However, does anyone besides military and law enforcement really need an AR-15 capable of killing 100 people per minute? You support dangerous, threatening and mentally ill people having full gun rights? The NRA Republicans do.
I encourage all voters to research any and all candidates. If they accept Big Pharma money, big oil money, insurance company money ... do you think the candidate running is representing you and me?
Wayne Jensen

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